How To Make Easy Money With Ebates


What would you say if told you there's an easy way to get cash back by shopping online for the items you shop for on a regular basis? Well, I want to tell you about this website I’ve been using called Ebates. I’ve earned $61.41 in the past 9 months, and I have literally done almost nothing extra to earn it. Here's proof! 

As you can tell, I loooove Bath and Body Works ;) 

As you can tell, I loooove Bath and Body Works ;) 

Please note that this post may contain affiliate links. This means that if you purchase something from that affiliate link, I will get a commission. I only recommend items that I have personally used and loved. 


So How Does It Work?

When you’re buying something online a little pop-up will appear in the upper right corner of your browser reminding you to activate your cash back. It varies from 1% cash back all the way up to 10% cash back (sometimes even more!). It’s literally that easy, and Ebates cashes you out every 3 months via PayPal with your earnings. I just received my third payment since I started using it, woohoo! It’s awesome because you’re not spending any extra money to get this, so it’s a really great way to make a little extra cash - even if it’s only $10! By signing up and making your first purchase of $25 you'll even get a $10 bonus. Here's how to start! 

Step 1: Sign up for Ebates and download the browser extension

Click "Join Now" on the top right of the screen, and enter your email!



Step 2: Click on the "activate" button when shopping online

What you see here is what pops down from the extension on your browser!



Step 3: Make sure the following screen pops up

You're good to go! 


Here's a few of my favorite Ebates-eligible stores! 

  • Bath & Body Works - 1%
  • Canon - 2.5%
  • Dr. Brandt Skincare - 8%
  • iRobot - 2% (Check out my Roomba post here)
  • Kate Spade New York - 3%
  • Keurig - 4%
  • Kohl's - 3%
  • MAC Cosmetics - 3%
  • - 1.5% (sign up for rewards program here)
  • Nordstrom Rack - 1%
  • Petco - 4%
  • See's Candies - 4%
  • Ulta Beauty - 3%

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that the percentages may change.


Too Good To Be True? Absolutely not! 

I know you’re thinking, “Okay Kristen, this sounds a little too good to be true”. I want to assure you that Ebates is 100% legit and one of the easiest ways to earn passive income because it requires such little effort. They have hundreds of stores, so if you do a lot of shopping online, this is definitely for you! You can even link a credit card to the app to get cash back at certain stores in person too (I haven’t tried that yet though). You may be wondering, "How does Ebates makes money?" Here's your answer: They send traffic to the online retailers using their affiliate links and give you a cut of what they make. It's as simple as that! And just for your peace of mind, Ebates is a trusted site with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. 

Click the button below to sign up and get $10 back when you spend $25 within 90 days!