We Tried a New Mattress and It's Perfect for Couples

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When I moved in with Ross we decided to sell my pillow-top queen mattress and keep his king. It made more sense to keep the bigger bed. I had just adopted a dog and the space was a plus, but his IKEA mattress was pretty firm and the only pillows on top were our own. It definitely wasn't my ideal mattress, but I'm just a pillow-top kinda girl!

After over a year of sleeping on that mattress, we decided to upgrade to something that could satisfy both of our preferences. A friend of Ross' told us about his mattress that was both firm for him and soft for his wife. I had no idea these types of mattresses existed, but I'm so glad they do! The thing about the Helix Sleep mattress that makes it stand out from it's competition is that you can completely customize the mattress as a whole, or customize each side of the bed. This means I can have a comfy soft side and Ross can have a firm side! Win-win, right!? 

The ordering process starts with a quiz: you enter information about your body types like height, weight, age, and if you want to customize the entire mattress for a mixed set of preferences or each side separately. We chose to have each side separate, but I understand why people would choose to blend them and create a happy medium.

One person at a time, you choose which way you normally sleep (on your back, side, or stomach), any pressure points that might dig into the mattress so they make sure they build it correctly for your body type, if you like to be cool or hot at night, the amount of pain you currently wake up with, and the quality of sleep you feel you have. You can look up your current mattress to get its firmness level or enter it in, then you select your desired firmness which ranges from very soft to very firm. Once you've made your perfect selections they will show you an overview of a mattress that meets your criteria. Of course you can always go back to edit your selections and rebuild the mattress or add it to your cart!

As far as the actual mattress and unboxing process goes, it came in a huge box and was about 90 pounds. The directions said to open in the room it is going in however, I'd recommend to actually put it on your box spring or bed frame first because it expanded quickly after taking it out of the wrapping. Once you have it positioned you'll want to let it breathe and open up for about 45 minutes. After that, it's good to go.

We rolled back and forth between the two sides quickly for a few minutes to try and notice a difference but we didn't have much success. We needed to spend a few minutes laying on one side before changing over to notice the difference. It slowly molds to your body during the night, and I wake up feeling extremely comfortable. 

The mattress hasn't been much of a change for Ross, but it's made a major difference for me! Happy wife happy life, right?