The Most Helpful Household Item

There's one helpful tool in my home that I cannot live without. My Roomba, of course! Hands down, the best device ever invented! Vacuuming your home once a week (or less) gets old super fast. Seriously, who has time for that? It takes up your time and is super loud. And if you have kids or pets, forget it! A clean home is certainly not in your cards.

I remember the days of constant pet hair. Where the hell does it keep coming from!? I just picked up four balls of fur, how is there already more?! It was literally constant, and that was only with one long-haired cat! Add two dogs and another human into the mix... it's quite a disaster.

We purchased the iRobot Roomba 650 shortly after we brought our puppy Zeek home. We had about 1,000 square feet of hardwood and that little Roomba performed quite a bit of magic for us. We loved every second of it except the time when Zeek was still using puppy pads inside. FYI Roomba + puppy training pads + puppy poop don't mix. I don't even want to know how much time I wasted cleaning our beloved Roomba.

Luckily, I was able to nurse the Roomba back to health and we kept this version for about a year until we were tempted with the newest version. I must say, it has major improvements! The Roomba 650, which runs for less than $400, is incredibly cheaper than the Roomba 980, upwards of $800.  But trust me on this one.. splurging for the newest version is so incredibly worth it!


980 Roomba
I have so many favorite features of this Roomba, but one of my favorites has to be that you can control it with an app!! How cool and handy is it that I can start the Roomba any time I want! It's also helpful when it turns on in the morning but I want to keep sleeping. Roll over. Open app. Pause. 

Within the app you can also schedule what times and days you want the Roomba to run. This is a major improvement from the Roomba 650 where the schedule could only be changed from the panel on top of the device. I thought it was really tricky and time-consuming so I just left it how it was.

Yes, we put googly eyes on it :) 

Yes, we put googly eyes on it :) 

The Roomba 650 just had one loud mode. The 980 has a deep cleaning mode for carpet that is actually a bit quieter than the old normal mode. It also has an eco mode for when you still need to clean, but would like it to be quieter. It even has a separate mode for surfaces that are not carpet. It's so quiet you can leave it on while talking on the phone! I love it! And if you're really trying to deep clean some carpet, you can shut it in that specific room and enable the setting for it to run two passes. 

The newer Roomba also has a larger dirt compartment. You think you wouldn't have to empty it as often, but this version cleans better, so it actually ends up sucking up more dirt! It's pretty disgusting how dirty your home is and you don't even realize it. Even if my home looks clean, the Roomba proves me wrong. 

Now let's talk about vacuum lines. Who knew they could be so satisfying?!?! I mean, look at this picture! How cool is it to come home and your carpet looks like that! It's like your own personal maid, except it's a robot. The old Roomba we had just drove around aimlessly whichever direction it wanted, leaving no straight vacuum lines. I don't think it ever actually got the whole apartment in one run, so sometimes I would run it twice a day. 

Another amazing feature I love about this Roomba is it can sense where there is a wall. As it gets about 6 inches from the wall it will start to slow down, and either bumps the wall softly, or doesn't touch it at all. This is a major improvement from the old Roomba, where it would bash into the walls everywhere it went. Another improvement is after the Roomba 980 has completed it's job it will go back and edge the entire surface area of the home. Honestly, how could they have made it any better?! 

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