If you're a lipstick-wearing, high heel-loving ladyboss who... 

  • loves cleaning and decorating her home
  • drinks wine with her besties as often as possible
  • and is obsessed with everything that glitters

                        ...we are going to get along great! 


I'M KRISTEN. Nice to meet you! 

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I grew up in rural Wisconsin, but I always knew that wasn't where I was supposed to be. My ambitious personality wanted to conquer more than that tiny town could offer. At 17 years old I hit the ground running, graduating high school a semester early, and starting college that very night. I had a very specific plan: 1) Get my degree in Business and Marketing Education from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  2) Move to Austin, Texas. 3) Meet the man of my dreams. 4) Start a company.


So far, everything has gone according to plan. I graduated May 2014, moved to Texas two months later, met Ross the following spring, and started my company, Love Me Knot Weddings, in December 2015. Now I spend my days writing for my blog, planning weddings, spending time with my wonderful dogs, Zeek + Zoey, and decorating and organizing our new house! 

I created this blog to share what I’m most passionate about: interior design, organization, cleaning, and decluttering. Traveling, beauty, wine, and personal development are also things I love, so you’ll read about these topics from time to time as well. I believe that sharing is caring, and each person’s unique outlooks and interests can have a strong impact on other people. Sharing our thoughts and interests with one another creates a sense of community, which is one thing this world needs more of. I hope that Polished on Purpose is a place you feel comfortable sharing your interests and learning about mine, while making your home a better place one cabinet at a time. 


Meet my four-legged sidekicks



Comfy spot finder. Blanket burrower. Master treat sniffer.



Professional cuddler.  Human food vacuum.  Face licker. 


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